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AR Points

1st Six Weeks Points: 1/2 Way Mark: Friday, September 10th. All 24 Points: Thursday, September 30th

Book Reports

BR1 (First Six Weeks Book Report): Due Date: September 24th at 8 am.

AR Due Dates: 2nd Six Weeks (This six week grading period is only 5 weeks long so AR Goals will be lowered by 4 points)

*1/2 Way Mark: Friday, October 22
**All 24 Points: Thursday, November 4th

* You will need to have at least one test taken to avoid receiving a zero for accuracy.
** You will not be allowed to test on the last day of the six weeks to allow teachers to enter grades in a timely manner.

All students are required to obtain 24 points unless otherwise specified in the IEP or 504 Plan. Parents may view this information using the Home Connect link. 


Due Date: October 29th at 8 am.

Late Book Reports are only accepted from 8:01a- 3:35p on the actual due date. Because the students have five weeks to complete this assignment, all book reports submitted after 3:35 will be considered a zero. 

Week of November 29th - December 3rd 

This week in English: 


Comparing Text Across Genres: “The Necklace” Guy de Maupassant


Word Study: G/L U9

Students will their knowledge of the dictionary to define the words for our story this week. 



Students will perform a second reading of a text using the reading comprehension strategy of visualizing, use context clues to define new vocabulary, and demonstrate comprehension by responding to questions using text evidence.


Students will read the story for the third time and demonstrate comprehension by responding to questions using text evidence. Students will review how to effectively restate a question using The R.A.C.E. method of answering questions to show their understanding. 


Students will review characterization and elements of fiction. They will develop a character chart that identifies each character’s importance to the story. They will also create a story map.


Students will complete an assessment over this week’s word study and the story from the week. 

This week in Success Lab:


Students will begin a new novel in class. 


Students will read their text aloud.


Students will read their text aloud.


Students will read their text aloud.

F Students will read their text aloud.