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6th Grade Science Syllabus 2023 – 2024

 Brett Ruthart RM 103


Sixth grade science is an integrated science course that will cover many disciplines of science. In following the 6th grade science TEKS, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, we will investigate physics, chemistry, earth/space, and life science.   

We will begin the year with an introductory unit on lab safety, lab equipment, measurement, and the scientific method.


Grades will be calculated in the following manner:

50 %  Daily Grades (includes quizzes and daily activities)

50%   Test Grades (includes tests, major labs and projects)


I like to keep in touch by e-mail!  Please send an email to and include your name, email address, your child’s name, and class period.


Absences are very hard to make up due to the hands on learning that we do in science.  


Students are expected to treat each other, the science classroom, and their teacher with respect and dignity.