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Class Information Page

The following are expectations of all students in my class.

  1. Be on tme for class with all required materials
  2. Be kind and respectful to peers, teachers, and substitutes at all times.
  3. Be attentive in class and follow directions.
  4. Participate.  Be active in your education. 

Consequences- verbal warning, writing assignment, phone call home, referral.  

Year At A Glance-

1st 6 weeks- Colonial America, Celebrate Freedom Week, Intro to American Revolution

2nd 6 weeks- Amreican Revolution, US Constitution

3rd 6 weeks- Early Republic, Age of Jackson

4th 6 weeks- Westward Expansion, Industrial Revolution, Intro to Agfe of Reform

5th 6 weeks- Age of Reform, Sectionalism and Division 

6th 6 weeks- Civil War and Reconstruction.