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Lesson Plans

Week of  9-26-22 Literature 
Monday Journal - How does making connections help you as a reader? Explain
Study Sync: Making Connections (complete all parts of the assignment)
Study Sync: First Read - read the excerpt from The Mighty Miss Malone and annotate all bold vocabulary words. 
Tuesday Journal - Tell me what you know about the Great Depression. 
Study Sync: Second Read - re-read the story and make 3 connections with the text. 
Take the quiz after making your 3 connections. 
Wednesday Journal - Describe the character Deza in The Mighty Miss Malone. 
Study Sync: Characterization (complete all parts of the lesson)

Journal - Use 3 of the 5 vocabulary words in a paragraph (humble, digress, seniority, bubbly, fumble)
Learn the RACE Writing Strategy to answer Think Questions 

RACE Notes will be in Google Classroom

Friday Journal - Freewrite Friday or Why is it sometimes difficult to do the right thing? 
Study Sync: Answer think questions using the RACE strategy.


Week of 9-26-22 Composition
Monday Words to Go Lesson 4 (homework if not finished in class)
Tuesday Daily Gram #16
Identify Infinitives Worksheet / Notes in GC
Wednesday Daily Gram #17
Identify Helping Verbs and Verb Phrases Worksheet/ Notes in GC
Thursday  Daily Gram #18
Identify Compound Object of the Preposition Worksheet/ Notes in GC

Daily Gram #19
Identify Compound Subjects in a Sentence Worksheet/ Notes in GC