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About Me


  • I graduated from North Lamar high school in 2011
  • I then went to Paris Junior College and received my Associates of Arts and Science degree in 2013.
  • I then went on to Texas A&M University of Commerce and received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. 


  • I have been a member of the local Plaza Art Guild at the Chamber of Commerce/Plaza Art Gallery since 2018. We are a group of local artists that display our work at the gallery, have art shows through out the year, and meet once a month to discuss current/upcoming art events.
  • I have also been a member of the Paris Art Alliance, a group consisting of local members from the community who support the community through the arts by bringing big art-related events to Paris, Texas, writing grants for the local art programs and school districts, etc.


A Little More About Me:

I currently live locally in downtown Paris, not far from the plaza. However, I was raised by my grandparents along with my older sister, right outside of Paris in Reno. I have a niece and nephew who also live in town that I enjoy spending time with and entertaining. I have always loved art from a very young age; as a kid I spent many a Sunday doodling during church service. As I grew, through lots of practice and exposure to art my love and appreciation for the arts has grown and expanded far beyond the scope of those little Sunday morning doodles. 

It is my deep belief that anyone (from two to 102) can make art and be an artist. I also believe, with that in mind, that anything is possible through art, the possibilities are in fact endless. All you have to do is be willing to try it.


I spend my free time listening/singing/dancing to music, binge-watching shows/movies through streaming services, drawing/painting, reading, talking with friends, playing table top games (such as Dungeons and Dragons) and some video games as well. 

James Carey

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