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Class Info

Welcome to Chisum Middle School

Composition Class



  • Enter quietly, and begin working on your bell ringer.

  • Be in your seat when the tardy bell rings.

  • Arrive prepared to learn with all materials. 

  • Respect others.

  • Complete and return all work on time. 

  • Listen carefully, follow directions, and stay on task. Do not talk with your neighbor while the teacher is giving instructions.

  • A clear container of water only is allowed in class.

  • No cell phones will be allowed in class. Please leave them in your locker.

Grading Policy:

      Homework 50%, Tests 50%


     All homework is due at the beginning of class or when stated in Google Classroom.  Late work will receive 80% of the grade earned.  After that, a grade of 0 may be recorded.  Therefore, it is extremely important to turn all work in on time.


     A student is considered tardy for class if he/she is not in the classroom with all needed materials when the bell rings.  If a student arrives in class on time but has to return to his/her locker for homework or materials needed for class, he/she will be considered tardy.  First period begins at 7:55 a.m. Tardiness will be considered a discipline issue. A verbal warning will be given for the first tardy per six weeks. Each additional tardy will result in disciplinary action deemed appropriate.  


     Please inform me in advance of any known reason that your child may miss school so that I can give your child the materials for missed work before leaving school. In the case of an unplanned absence, please contact me for make-up work. You may also check my teacher webpage, homework webpage, and Google Classroom for notes and daily class activities. Also, please send a note with your child upon returning to school for any absence. This will be given to the office.


     Parent Portal/ Student Portal - You may view your child’s grades online through the Chisum website.  Contact Mrs. Wheaton if help is needed in signing up. 

     My school email is and my conference starts at 1:06 each day. Please email me with any questions or concerns.